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The Microeconomics course is ready

introduction to microeconomics




The Microeconomics course is now ready and free to access on IQmates in partnership with Khan Academy. There are just over 50 videos with revision content in these topics:


  • Supply, Demand and Market Equilibrium
  • Elasticity
  • Consumer and Product Surplus
  • Scarcity, Preferences and Opportunity Cost
  • Product Decisions and Economic Profit
  • Competition
  • Game Theory and Nash Equilibrium


All topics have over 100 practice questions eachto give you the best way to test your understanding of the concepts, for example:


microeconomics quiz


If you want to answer questions in a different format, you can attempt them in a fun and engaging way via our knowledge games – “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” and “Snakes & Ladders”. The more you interact with the content and quizzes, the more you will understand exactly where you need to put more effort (and gain IQPoints that will level up your profile!)




More courses are being sourced and uploaded.

All the best in your revision!